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We aim to make you feel empowered and beautiful and want you to remember that you can conquer anything in the world.

Our clothes are designed to elevate your strengths and make your limits disappear.
At Paired we create new, out of the box and exciting occasion wear that shouldn’t be left in the closet with no use. Every piece is made with a thorough attention to detail and from high quality fabrics. We are 100% made in Portugal.
We are pursuing a more sustainable future in fashion, where you can mix and match every piece with each other and create amazing looks to wear at different occasions.
Every top fits with every bottom. You can create a jumpsuit or wear the pieces separately, styling them in your own way.

Everything pairs for a reason. The only limit is your mind.

Thank you for making our dream come true and for being part of this amazing journey. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Wear our clothes with pride and enjoy the ride!

With love,

Mariana & Bárbara